2018 - 2020

Crossways Community Space

Between 2017 and 2020 the owner of Crossways House at 1 Longstanton Road kindly made the the two front rooms of his house available for a Community Cafe  ('Communitea Cafe') and hub. During that time it was used for meetings and volunteer led activities such as exhibitions, toddlers' music sessions, a chess café, board game nights, bring-and-share meals, puzzle afternoons and open drop-in café sessions. 

Following the space's closure in March 2020 due to Covid restrictions it was decided to close the project as a community hub but potentially move some of its activities to other venues.  


The CA expresses its gratitude to the owner of Crossways House for allowing them to use the rooms for these years and for his overall support to the community. 

Marble Surface

 Puzzles and Chess

Marble Surface

Bring&Share Meals

Marble Surface

Exhibition 2018