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Marble Surface

The Oakington and Westwick Community Association (CA) is an umbrella association linking groups and individuals within  Oakington and Westwick who are involved in community activities. 

Marble Surface


  • Enhance community life by nurturing a vibrant and welcoming community spirit 

  • Facilitate communication and mutual co-operation between different groups 

  • Initiate and support specific village-wide activities and events

  • Encourage individuals to get involved in community activities

How it works

The CA is managed by an annually elected committee who organise at least three general member meetings per year for groups and individuals to share ideas and information and make decisions about issues of common interest. 

What it does

The CA liaises with its member groups and manages a number of sub-committees responsible for specific tasks such as the Village Journal, Village Day, and the Bonfire Night. 

For more information about these projects CLICK  on the PICTURES below 

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